"Windbreaker" is the name of Samwell's rigid pink airship.

The airship is filled with methane (instead of hydrogen or helium) and smells a little like passed gas on the inside. When leaving a planet's atmosphere, Windbreaker's adamantine outer skin can fold away to reveal a flying-floor housed in an invisible force field bubble. The effect is similar to that of riding a flying carpet.

The Windbreaker is fueled by a liquid chocolate found only in Africa. Samwell has never disclosed his specific source publicly, but many suspect the location to be near Axum, Ethiopia.

The airship can blast off vertically thanks to rocket engines attached to the rear of the vehicle. This maneuver is mainly used when the ship has been in hibernation on Uranus and a quick ascension is necessary.

The cockpit has three seats, the main seat faces the front of the ship and the two secondary seats face backward. The secondary seats are used only in rare instances when the cockpit must separate from the rest of the airship or when the ship's engines have been reversed.

The cabin of the Windbreaker has a force field protecting the open-ended aft hull, enabling faster entry and exit through the rear opening.